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SeeThru ST 4.3
Think of a possibility and you’ll get it in ST4.3. In addition to its high-resolution door camera, it doubles up as an intercom system allowing you to communicate from different rooms. Now that’s convenience personified in real sense.

  • Can be used as an intercom between multiple indoor units
  • Upto 4 indoor units can be added for 1 apartment
  • Covers a wider area - Up to 2 additional cameras and 3 monitors
  • Backlit touch buttons with On Screen Display Menu for convenient operation in the dark
  • Conveniently unlock the door for visitors without having to go to it
  • High resolution pinhole camera
  • Captures and stores photographs on an SD Card for review
  • Adjustable Volume,brightness,chroma and contrast for added convenience
  • Infrared LED for Night Vision
  • Water & Dust Resistant Design
Call :- 09899759084

SeeThru ST 7
Home is where comfort rules supreme. We understand your feelings and hence have designed a door security system Video Door Phone that lets you view a visitor on your TV set. What’s more, ensuring you complete safety is an additional CCTV camera that can be installed at a different location such as back door, balcony etc. to secure a wider area!

  • View visitors on your TV set
  • Covers a wider area - Up to 2 door cameras, 4 CCTV cameras,3 monitors and 1 interphone
  • Forward calls on your mobile phone or receive voicemail when away from home
  • 7” Touch screen with high resolution display
  • Conveniently unlock the door for visitors without having to go to it
  • Audio Video Recording
  • Internal memory with expandable storage
  • Allows one-way video and two-way audio communication
  • The outdoor unit camera is enabled with motion detection software to capture images of unusual movement outside the door
  • Multiple melodies to choose your door chime
  • AC Power input
  • Can be used as a digital photo frame
Call :- 09899759084

Solus - Video Door Phone
The monitor inside the user’s home gets automatically triggered on a pleasant chime and the visitor’s image is captured instantly. The system enables secret monitoring of the camera location, providing clear images even at night. Its two-way audio communication feature allows conversation with the visitor without having to open the door. A strong outer casing protects the camera against tampering whereas the system’s overall appearance offers it an extremely elegant look.

  • Camera with strong outer casing
  • Door Bell Chime
  • Two way audio Communications
  • Secret monitoring
  • Anti-vandal metal body door station
  • Camera with IR/night illumination facility
Call :- 09899759084

SeeThru ST 3.5
Equipped with a host of features that ensure ease in operation, this video door phone in India device comes with aesthetic dual tone design. The vandal resistant and waterproof outdoor unit transfers live feeds to a clear LCD screen or even your TV. It also has inbuilt memory to store photographs. SeeThru is also compatible with multi-apartment Godrej Video Door Phones.

  • Clear LCD screen
  • Touch sensitive keypad
  • Vandal resistant & Weatherproof outdoor unit
  • Aesthetic dual tone design
  • Inbuilt memory
  • Supports TV output
  • Supports feed
  • Compatible
Call :- 09899759084

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